Rajasthani Folk

3rd Place in Talent Show

Marathi Folk Dance

1st Place in the Talent Show

Rajasthani Mix Dance

1st in Tampa, 1st Place in Talent Show

Senior Raas Group

1st in Tampa, 2nd in Talent Show

Bhangra Group

3rd Place in Tampa, 2nd Place in Talent Show

Recent Performance

Gujraati Talent Show 2012

Five performances by the the Laksha Dance in the Gujraati Talent Show ...

Tampa Fest 2011

Great day for the kids and Laksha Dance for performing and winning ...

Tampa Fest 2010

Laksha Ghoomar Group (Dhola Aayo Re) has won the Best Dance Overall, ...

UCF’s Holi Colors 2010

UCF Students performed in UCF Holi Colors program. It was one of ...

What Parents Say

My daughter, Tara, has been dancing with Rakhi for at least 5 years now. She absolutely loves Rakhi. Year after year she wants to be in Rakhi dance group because she loves the steps and songs that Rakhi has. I have found Rakhi to be an excellent roll model for my child and she encourages them to put in their 100%. Rakhi is full of passion for dance and it shows the day of the performances. I would sincerely recommend her as a dance teacher for anyone.

– Ami

Laksha Dance Studio provides wholesome and tasteful dancing in various Indian dance styles. My daughter joined Laksha Dance Studio in its first year and my son has been taking dance lessons for the past two years. My daughter has grown from a shy little child to a confident young girl thanks to the encouragement, nurturing and discipline she has received from Rakhi. Laksha dance has had a positive influence on my son too and taught him how much fun dancing can be. Students learn the importance of hard-work, dedication and working as a team. I would highly recommend Laksha Dance Classes to my friends and family.

– Archana V, Sanford, FL